¡From anywhere in the world: You can now revel in female spanish filmmaking talent and be the first to meet creators from all across the globe thanks to CONOFEST - International (Short) Film Festival!

CONOFEST - International (Short) Film Festival focuses on female directors and screenwriters who work on short films of Balearic, National and International creation. In our festival, you will be able to find unique and exclusive films premiering in Spain. Many of them will also be premiering for the first time on an on-line platform.  

At CONOFEST - International (Short) Film Festival we offer you fun, heart-warming, multidisciplinar, rewarding and commited content, along with stories from all over the world filled with sensitivity and awareness.

Also, your contribution is crucial to support and encourage our festival’s cinematographic creation. Every film and screening will be remunerated with a non-compete fee.

We stand for change, for female creator visibility and for short film recognition. What do you stand for?

Join CONOFEST - International (Short) Film Festival and start enjoying the seveth art in the best way posible!

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Copia de rosie-the-riveter.png

Rosie de Riveter

Rosie existed and was a riveter. She became an icon in the United States since her image was used in the campaign to recruit working women for ammunition and weapon factories during the Second World War. She represents the period in which the American women  dropped their “housewives” role to go out and work, became independent and earned their own salaries. Let’s follow their lead! WE CAN DO IT!


In ROSIE, THE RIVETER’s section, you’ll be able to enjoy:

Marga Melia
Danissa Angulo Salas
Carla  Simón
Sara Hirner, Rosemary Vasquez-Brown
Copia de clara-campoamor.png

Clara Campoamor

She was the woman who changed the course of Spanish history. She was one of the first female MPs in our country and the one who achieved the spanish women’s suffrage. We owe our right to vote today to her commitment, talent and virtue. Thank you, Clara, for all you’ve gifted us!


In CLARA CAMPOAMOR’s section you’ll be able to enjoy:

Ann Perelló
Halima Ouardiri
Claudia Costafreda
Javier Marco, Belén Sánchez-Arévalo
Copia de INICI NOU!Sojourner_truth.PNG

Sojourner Truth

She was born a slave and fought tooth and nail for the abolition of slavery and the recognition of women’s human rights. Truth, a born activist, amazed us all with her strength and inexorable resilience. “Ain’t I a woman?”


In SOJOURNER TRUTH’s section you’ll be able to enjoy:

Michelle-Andrea  Girouard
Marion  Desseigne Ravel
Vera Brunner-Sung
Sine  Özbilge (co-directed by Imge Özbilge)

Sobre Mujeres de Cine

MUJERES DE CINE es una iniciativa que nace en 2010 con el propósito de promocionar, dinamizar y dar a conocer el cine hecho por mujeres.Consta de una itinerancia nacional e internacional con más de 20 sedes anuales que reúne lo más destacado del cine español realizado por mujeres y que acompañamos de presentaciones, coloquios y mesas redondas en torno a la situación de la mujer en el cine y en la cultura.
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Plaza de Callao 1, planta 5ª, oficina 9
28013 Madrid, España
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