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Mónica, a 47-year old dancer, receives a call from Spain: her father is terminally ill. After 20 years, Mónica must return to the remote village where she was born. When she arrives, her father has already passed away and her mother decides to sell the family home asking Mónica to stay to help her. Winter comes. The perpetual silence, the extreme cold and the difficulty of living with her mother are proving tough for Mónica, who takes refuge in what she knows best: dance. 'Facing the Wind' tells the story of a family unable to communicate. It is indeed a thoughtful and loving portrait of a traditional rural lifestyle, which is beginning to disappear. It's a story about distances. But most of all, 'Facing the Wind' is an inner journey to learn again how to live and love better.

Full Cast and Crew

Director: Meritxell Colell
Writers: Meritxell Colell
Production: Polar Star Films Habitación 1520 Paraíso Production
Film Editing: Ana Pfaff
Art Direction: Aurélien Py, Julián Elizalde
Actors: Elena Martín Concha Canal Ana Fernández Mónica García
Sound: Verónica Font Gaspar Scheuer


Berlinale  2018
Sección Forum
Festival de Málaga  2018
Mejor Película Zonazine
D'A Film Festival de Barcelona  2018
Premi Talents - Mención Especial
Seminci – Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid  2018
Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián  2018
Festival Márgenes  2018
Sección Escáner

Meritxell Colell

Meritxell Colell is part of a new generation of talented Spanish filmmakers. In 2015 she was selected by the Cinéfondation to participate in L'Atelier de Cannes with this project. She has eight feature films as editor, which have been selected by festivals such as the Thessaloniki Film Festival, IDFA Amsterdam, Mar del Plata International Film Festival or DocumentaMadrid. Since 2007 she combines film pedagogy with the project "Cine en curs", in addition to her work as a director. Con el viento is her first feature film. She is currently preparing her new film: Duo.

Sobre Mujeres de Cine

MUJERES DE CINE es una iniciativa que nace en 2010 con el propósito de promocionar, dinamizar y dar a conocer el cine hecho por mujeres.Consta de una itinerancia nacional e internacional con más de 20 sedes anuales que reúne lo más destacado del cine español realizado por mujeres y que acompañamos de presentaciones, coloquios y mesas redondas en torno a la situación de la mujer en el cine y en la cultura.
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